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8 Types of People who Grab-a-Date on

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Lonely, desperate or even eccentric. These are probably the assumed types of patrons that come to your mind whom engage our services.

But is that really the case?

Before we get into more of such details, here is a brief introduction first, of what is all about! | Meet Someone new in Singapore strives to make meet-ups more convenient and rewarding for everyone.

Whether you need a companion for a day or two, a +1 to an event, a date experience or simply just to get to know someone new - This is the perfect platform like no other!

It's been more than two months since we first debuted on the news. We have also doubled in size!

Here are some of our personalities!

maybe singapore personalities maybe singapore personalities

We are best known as a 'rent-a-date' platform, which is based on a 'rent-a-friend' concept, inspired by similar well-known platforms from countries such as Japan and Korea.

There are many other different variations  such as 'rent-a-girlfriend' and 'rent-an-oppa'.

rent a girlfriend , rent a oppa , asian bossImage: YouTube (Asian Boss)

Although we pride ourself as a 'Grab a date' platform, the term 'date' does not necessarily associate anything with romance or physical intimacy at all. 

In fact, it is just a synonym for 'meet-up' and usually one between opposite genders, though same gender meetups are welcome as well!

Also with some rules in place for safety purposes, we only ensure the best experience, comfortable and assuring, yet fun for both our members and you! 

Here are some examples of the many wholesome activities and venues our patrons and personalities have taken part in;

Visiting Mint Museum , Cat Cafe
Mint Museum , Cat Cafe

Dinner and Watch Live Shows
Meet Someone new for Dinner in Singapore
Plus 1 for a Karaoke Session
Karaoke Singapore | Teo Heng | Singing in Singapore

We have compiled a list of 8 out of many types of individuals who engage our services here at

1. The curious one 

Ever since the mass coverage from news outlets such as The Straits Times and Mothership, we saw understandably mixed reactions from the public when they first learnt of such a service that exists in Singapore.

We've had many curious people trying out our services for the first time.

One of our early clients was none other than local youtuber Umehara Keiji.

Umehara Keiji | I rent a date in Singapore | maybe SingaporeImage: YouTube (Umehara Keiji)

He even documented his experience and got up to the #1 spot that was trending under the 'Gaming' section!

Congrats Keiji!

Umehara Keiji | I rent a date in Singapore | maybe Singapore
Image: YouTube (Umehara Keiji)

2. The gamer nerds / Zai nan

Speaking of games, you may think of a gamer as shut-ins who are glued to the computer screen for long periods of time and stay locked up at home with barely any social contact.

We are now breaking that stereotype. Most gamers in fact just prefer to eliminate any form of distraction so that they can concentrate on their passion in gaming. 

Even a gamer can get bored and lonely playing games alone. That's why some of them engage to find a date or gaming buddy to play their favourite games together with them. 

Talk about killing 2 birds with one stone!

3. The charismatic and (or) the 'popular' guy

Gamers may lack social skills but on the other end of the spectrum, we also have customers who are extroverts. Such individuals speak with great confidence and are highly sociable. 

We asked some of them why did they choose to engage dates from Maybe and their responses are usually centred around:
"Why not? I fancy the lady after taking a look at her profile."

Fair enough. They have played various dating apps which may be time consuming and tiring.

Now, at the tip of their fingers they are able to have a guaranteed meet-up with someone they wish to meet instead!

guaranteed meet-up with someone you wish to meet

4. The working professionals

Speaking of time consuming, many working adults don't even have the time to waste on dating apps, let alone look for a date elsewhere. 

With Maybe, they can now get to pick out any one of our personalities without the hassle of swiping and disappointment.

Having a guaranteed meet up with someone they really wish to know more about, that's the key point!

5. The Party goers

There are times when the whole clique are of the same gender, which can be boring and lacking at times. 

With another (cute) clubbing buddy joining in, it will make the entire night even more exciting and fun!

Besides, some of our members are fantastic dancers and are able to bring up the vibes in the club.

Did we already mention that some of our members love to dance and groove in the club as well?

Rent a friend to club | Zouk Singapore

6. Looking for a replacement

Some of our customers have already bought tickets but their friend or date couldn’t make it at the very last minute.

The tickets can be for a movie, night safari, musical and even a concert.

Getting a replacement on such short notice can be very difficult, even among close friends. 

Thus, instead of going alone, they make the best out of the situation by going with a Maybe date instead.

We've got your back!


7. Singles who are ready to mingle

Some of our customers are singles who have previously tried finding dates on dating apps or even got a friend to help matchmake them with someone who might be suitable, but to no avail.

Since they want to have more control over who they will be meeting, Maybe is the perfect platform for them to get to know someone new!

Say farewell to all the wasted time and effort trying to find a match and dilly-dallying for long hours or even weeks before a meet-up.

Although we are not a dating platform, a great chemistry between 2 individuals may have boundless possibilities!

Singles who are ready to mingle

8.  The bored one

And lastly, some are just too bored. 

Meeting the same friends over and over again, going through the same old routine - This may get a little mundane sometimes, don’t you think so?

There were also some customers who made last minute requests while they were already drinking halfway alone.

This may also be due to their friends having to head home early or one of those friends who cancelled on you at the very last minute.

Not to worry, we will try our best to get you someone to accompany you for the remaining half of the night!



Have you also heard of the recent update?

You can now exchange contacts with your date during your meet-up with him/her! Of course, as long as your date is comfortable to do so. 


We have so many other types of customers who have engaged services.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from us!


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