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$180 / Meet-up


Age: 22-25

Height: 155cm

Language: English/Mandarin/Basic Cantonese

Drinks: Sure



Shift worker hence working and off days are all fixed!

If possible please let my coordinator know 1-2 in advance

Do let me know when you’re keen and we can arrange :)

About Me

Not picky with food at all. love seafood!

Love a good hike or anything with the nature.

Quite traditional in a way where I prefer to meet up and use less of texting etc

My peers and colleague are always keen to hear my thoughts/advices because they say I’m ‘an old soul trapped in a young body’ 😂

So if u need any advices I guess u can hear from me?



- Dining

- Bowling

- Café hopping                                                            

- Shopping

- Movies

- Amusement park

- Exploring Sg/sightseeing

- Arcade

or we can discuss, let me know!



2 hours per meet up

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