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$140 / Meet-up


Age: 19-21

Height: 165cm

Language: English/Mandarin/Thai

Drinks: Sure!



Weekdays: 2pm onwards

Weekends: 12pm onwards


About Me

Not the typical cheery & smiley type , people tend to think I’m cold ,intimidating and not dare to approach me. But there’s more to me than it meets the eye.

Common misperception that I’m a “ chaoahlian “ but I don’t like to use vulgarities and harsh words. I think people use it too casually and it’s unnecessary. BUT it doesn’t mean I’m a saint and I don’t use it , I am human too 😂

Usually in dresses but sometimes take a break and dress casually too. If you have a preference, let me know ! Have a outfit for everything haha.

Am someone who you can have great food and intellectual conversations with. also someone who you can share your problems with!

I am straight forward but not insensitive so don’t worry.  I enjoy listening and understanding different people’s perspectives of things!



Cafes, Dining( Im always hungry HAHAH), Singing k, Bars, High-tea, Heart 2 heart talks, Shopping, Events, Weddings

Anywhere as long as it doesn’t involve too much sun 🤭



2 hours per meet-up

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