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$150 / Meet-up


Age: 22-25

Height: 162cm

Language: English/Mandarin

Drinks: Sure!




About Me

Hello, nice to meet you! ^^ I’m an easygoing and friendly person who enjoys interacting with people and making meaningful connections, hoping to be your new friend!

Feel free to talk to me about anything, I’m open minded and love listening to, sharing and exchanging life stories and different perspectives. Think of me as a chill friend with whom you can weird out and speak freely without being judged. I’m an ambivert who is comfortable with various social settings, and am happy to engage in deeper, intense conversations or just idle chit chat. I’ll celebrate with you on good days, and be a listening ear on down days.

Love animals, music, artsy things, nature, cultures and traditions, adventuring, and good vibes.



🍽 Dining


☕ Café hopping

🛍 Shopping

🎞 Movies

💃🏻 Events [your +1]

🎪 Amusement park

🏕 Hiking/outdoors



2 hours per meet-up

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