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$250 / Meet-up


Age: 27-30

Height: 161cm

Language: English/Mandarin

Drinks: Preferably sans alcohol



Weekday: 11am onwards

Weekend: Flexible


About Me 

Hey there! I am Deidre and currently working part time in admin.

I am a quirky weirdo and a free spirit who takes pleasure in solitude. I am a social chatterbox who enjoys making my loved ones laugh with my idiosyncratic sense of humour; imagine Ali Wong, Weird Al, South Park, B99 & Robot Chicken fused into one sketch show.

I’m not fussy with food and will always strive to finish every morsel on the table (but I can’t really do spicy - sorry!) because I appreciate the death of the animals that went into making the meal.



Call on me if you seek an accomplice for the following:

🍽 Piling on the Calories without guilt

Café hopping                                                            

🛍 Your Personal Stylist

💃🏻 Your +1 to the Wedding of An Ex Gf you hate (I will shamelessly wear white)

🥲 Your Gay Smokescreen

🙃 A kopitiam debate opponent

🧐 A discount unlicensed shrink

📸 A human selfie stick

👾 An arcade game opponent you can easily crush

🎭 Theatre

🖼 Museums

🔫 Gun range

🏹 Archery



2 hours per meet-up

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