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$100 / Date


Age: 22-25

Height: 158cm

Language: English(preferred)/ Chinese

Drinks: Sure!


Weekday: 6.30pm onwards (Mon/Wed/Fri)

Weekend: 7pm onwards (Sat),  Flexible (Sun)


About Me

- Energetic, quick-witted and humorous!
- Young but I’d say my life experiences can be considered wide and unique
- Easy going and friendly
- If some are social butterflies, I’m a social chameleon! I can hold up a banter, provide a listening ear, and I’m more than comfortable in groups or one-to-one
- Huge fan of anime and video games



I’m up to try anything fun and new as long as I’m safe and comfortable! And not exposed to (too much) smoke. Off the top of my head:

- Dinners/lunch/brunch/tea (cafe, restaurants, fast food, hawker, all ok)
- Art jamming
- Karaoke
- Arcades/games cafe/escape rooms
- Hiking/kayaking/gym
- Baking/cooking/lego/craft workshops
- Movies/musicals/concerts/museums/art exhibitions
- Being tourists in sg (aka gaigai anywhere)
- Drinks with live music


2 hours - $100

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