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$150 / Meet-up


Age: 22-25

Height: 161cm

Language: English/Mandarin

Drinks: Light drinks



Weekday: 6.30pm onwards

Weekends: afternoon

Do let me know a few days in advance so I can plan ahead!


About Me 

Enjoy meeting people from all walks of life. Can be chill or bubbly, depending on who I am with. A good listener and down to earth human. Not local but might be more local than some of my friends here ~

Keen in trying new food, activities and exploring new places! Enthusiastic most of the time. Can go from being an adrenaline junkie (riding rollercoasters or bungee jumping) to sitting still and making crafts with you (pottery and painting) 🤗😌

Not a fussy eater so I'm pretty much down for any cuisines! 🤤

PS I can't take caffeine well but I really like the smell of coffee !! So café hopping is not a problem! :)




🍽 Dining/ Café hopping

🎳 Bowling                                                            

🎞 Movies

💃🏻 Events [your +1]

🔭 Exploring SG/ Museums

🎨 Arts and Craft

🎢 Amusement Parks/ Zoos

🏃🏻‍♀️ Gym/ Fitness/ Trekking



2 hours per meet-up

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